Squid Game ERC Token

It's been said that good rain knows the best time to fall. Consider this Squid Game token some very, very, very good rain. Just like the contestants in Squid Game, our holders and community will be tested to the brink of their survival. Are you up for the challenge?

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Welcome to the thrilling world of Squid Game, a real-life spectacle that mirrors the hit Netflix series, "The Squid Game: Challenge." While our version isn't a matter of life or death, the stakes are high with $4.56 million on the line, making it Netflix's largest cash prize in reality television history. At the heart of it all is $SQUID, an ERC-20 token that serves as the platform for adventurous individuals like you to bet on real-life contestants and vie for massive payouts. Unlike anything else, $SQUID merges the worlds of crypto and reality TV, offering a unique opportunity to participate in the Squid Game phenomenon.

Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix's reality show based on the viral Netflix series Squid Game, that will pit 456 people against each other for $4.56 million grand prize, will debut on November 22nd.

Squid Game ($SQUID) emerges as a revolutionary concept, bringing the thrill of reality game shows to the blockchain. Imagine a world where you can bet on the outcomes of real-life competitions, where every decision made by contestants has a direct impact on your crypto assets. Squid Game introduces a novel tokenized ecosystem that empowers users to participate in a riveting blend of entertainment and finance.

With Squid Game, become a VIP, not just a spectator, a group of wealthy elites who callously watch and bet on the lives of the contestants. Masked, never revealing your identities, living the life of luxury and enjoying the thrill of watching people compete in deadly games. Watch people suffer for your own entertainment, and see your portfolio grow as you bet on the outcomes.


Explore our project's exciting journey through the Squid Game universe with SQUIDMAP, your guide to the key stages:
  1. Stage 1

    Enter the Squid Game Arena

    Witness the inception of Squid Game journey as we launch $SQUID token. Buyers become proud token holders, ready to participate in this thrilling adventure.
  2. Stage 2


    Continued marketing efforts are underway to prepare for the Squid Games, ensuring a vibrant and enthusiastic community surrounds this epic event.
  3. Stage 3

    The VIPs

    Distinguish yourself by holding more than 10K SQUID tokens, earning the coveted VIP status. Being a VIP enhances your chances of winning, making the games even more exhilarating.
  4. Stage 4

    Let the Games Begin

    As the Netflix series unfolds, $SQUID holders can enter the “VIP” dApp to place bets on real-life contestants during each game. Follow the progress of each player and interact with other VIPs throughout the season. May the best player win, and the fortunes be yours!


Our mission at $SQUID is simple but powerful: To bridge the worlds of cryptocurrency and reality TV in a way that has never been done before.

We believe in empowering individuals with exciting opportunities, enabling them to experience the Squid Game phenomenon from a whole new perspective.

Introducing out VIP Lounge. Bet ETH on the outcomes of the Squid Game Challenge reality show, debuting on the 22nd of November. Think you know who will survive that week? Think you know who will win the show?

To become a VIP, you'll need to hold just 10K SQUID to place ETH bets on the TV show in realtime from week to week.

If betting is not for you, become a Host, recruit your own VIPs and earn fees off their bets.

VIP Lounge will be live Nov 21, day before the first show airs.

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